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  • Cars 3 years or 100,000 km warranty after removal, the user is already set up and the car feeling, for most users probably already familiar with the car's "temper", but for the car's maintenance is likely to remain poorly understood, and less 4S shop regular telephone reminders, the user may ignore considerations maintenance.

    After deprotection car should pay attention to what matters?

    1, regular maintenance, periodic inspection

    Fluid replacement should not be forgotten: antifreeze and transmission fluid

    Antifreeze: we advise you to check the fluid level maintenance / inspection once freezing / irreplaceable antifreeze with tap water each year.

    ATF: It is recommended in strict compliance with the maintenance manual. Gearbox oil market, most of the models are the need to be replaced regularly, often with 40,000 km, 60,000 km, 100,000 km or 80,000 km range.

    Checks can not be ignored: the tires, belts, spark plugs and chassis parts, gaskets, etc.

    Tyres: Check the tire pressure every two weeks is recommended / each maintenance check tread wear.

    Belts and accessories: at least every six months or 10,000 km check again.

    Spark plug: The spark plug different grades, the replacement cycle quite different, according to the difference of the material, the replacement cycle from 2-3 million kilometers to more than 100,000 km have.Among them, the shortest copper core spark plug replacement cycle for 2-3 million km, about 4-6 ten thousand kilometers nickel alloys, platinum is about 80,000 km, Iridium can reach 10 million or more.

    Chassis parts: the use of each maintenance time regularly check the oil discharge

    Seal / rubber tubing / seal doors and windows: regular inspection, gaskets and rubber tubing inside the engine also needs regular inspection, especially valve chamber pad, year and mileage as the vehicle use (see feature, pictures, inquiry) increase the number, where it is easy to aging and permeability.

    2, safety first brake system

    Brake pads, brake discs: either replace the brake pads or discs, supporting the replacement must be done, a single replacement brake pads or brake discs, brake pads will increase or new rapid wear of the brakes, and will cause the brake jitter affect driving safety.

    Check the brake fluid: Most car manufacturers on the replacement cycle brake oil has strict requirements, more common is 2 years or 50,000 km (kilometers provisions different vendors will be different).Brake oil has water absorption characteristics, if time does not replace corrode the brake system to traffic and security. Meanwhile, the brake fluid after absorbing water, the boiling point will be reduced, likely resulting in insufficient braking pressure, the braking effect.Therefore, periodic replacement of brake fluid, is very important. If you normally drove very little, two years is recommended to be replaced, after all, how much oil slick can not change the brakes, but the security is priceless.

  • Electrical connector

    The car only a few important electrical connectors with gold contacts, most of the remaining fittings are made of copper - zinc alloys, under normal circumstances, its reliability is guaranteed,But if the car is long at high temperatures, high humidity, bumpy operating environment, it is possible to produce these joints loose, rust, poor contact failure, and some strange electrical faults resulting mostly.Thus, routine maintenance, should focus on checking the car's computer connectors, sensors, fuel injectors and other components.

    Chassis Components

    From the point of view of, chassis components actually easier than the engine problems, but during routine maintenance, a lot of people tend to ignore the inspection of the chassis components.Chassis parts prone to failure focused on:

    1, the shock absorber: Oil spills are precursor shock absorber damage, in addition, on bad roads or bumps significantly increased braking distances are also signs of a damaged shock absorber.

    2, the suspension control arm sleeve: The sleeve damage to the vehicle will appear deviation, fight malaria and a series of failures, even if wheel alignment did not help. If you carefully check the chassis, sleeve damage is very easy to find.

    3, steering rod: steering rod relaxation is a serious security risk, and therefore, during routine maintenance, the parts must be carefully examined. Approach is very simple: hold the rod, shake vigorously, if not shaking, it shows everything is normal, otherwise, it should replace the ball or rod assembly.

    4, the exhaust pipe: exhaust pipe is one of the most easily damaged parts of the vehicle, do not forget to look at the maintenance. Especially with a catalytic converter exhaust pipe, but should be carefully examined.

    5, universal joint BOOT: Do not underestimate the outside of the universal joint dust cover, it is not only the role of dust, but also to prevent loss of grease around the joints, BOOT once damaged, the grease quicklyIt will be lost, since the dry grinding, universal joints can be easily damaged.


    To pay attention to regular replacement of tires, a set of tires and then durable, can not be used for life, some people work easy, low frequency of use of the car, a set of tires after several years of use, the tread surface is intact,But in fact the tires will increase with the year slowly aging, decreased quality, if not realized this, thinking "surface looks good," says a tire that is no problem the wrong way.

    When maintenance tire tread in first clear stones and other inclusions, check tire or without bubbling, layers, lacerations, change pass away, aging fault; secondly when removing tire on the rim rust, check the tube and lining with no damage or wrinkle phenomenon, according to the provisions of the pneumatic pressure, conducted tire cuffs or transposition.Also, check the tires and wing, trunk floor, leaf springs, fenders and other touch sagging or without friction.


    Electrical system battery is the key to the modern car, use a lot of electrical equipment, battery is not working properly, it will affect the performance of many devices.For example in an automatic transmission car, if the battery is not normal, this car will not start. Therefore, we must always be able to obtain a stable power supply.Check the battery level, if the liquid level is between the upper and lower is considered appropriate two engraved lines. At the same time should also check the level of the grooves is poor. If the level is insufficient, you can unscrew the top of the battery cover, pour distilled water to make up the liquid.

    Check the battery terminals, in addition to iron brush the terminals of the contamination.

    If the wire clamp badly soiled, you can use sandpaper to rub move along the inner wall, worn dirt.


    Usually we will dashboard brake warning light is illuminated as the change brake shoe judgment basis, but this is the bottom line, if only for this time, it has been quite dangerous.

    To remind you that, although all vehicles have such a warning system, but some direct induction brake shoe thickness, and some are already completely finished grinding the brake shoes, brake fluid and therefore extreme decline, will make the warning lights play.If the latter, until the warning lights, brake pads and brake discs metal base is already in the iron sharpens iron status,Then, in the tire near the rim to see the bright edge of the iron. Therefore, each time into the plant maintenance should be checked whether the brake pads can be used, and the bottom line ahead of the brake pads replaced approaching life, but do not just take warning lights.

  • How auto parts technology development?Late last year to early this year, whether CES Consumer Electronics Show, there were many parts of the enterprise to bring new products on the North American Auto Show, the new technology.We recently released new technology, new products, a simple summary point and face the future development trend may see parts of technology.

    BorgWarner engine optimization techniques to optimize ignition system innovations in engine technology, in addition to the fuel injection system is optimized, the ignition system to optimize combustion and improve the fuel economy has tremendous potential.

    BorgWarner introduced in the ignition system is technically called EcoFlashR of corona ignition system, BorgWarner aspect through the system is intended to achieve a higher emission standards for a solution.

    Continue to improve the efficiency of the internal combustion engine is the next period of time the traditional power of the engine to be solved.With applications such as booster systems, direct injection gasoline engine EGR technology, combined with increasingly stringent vehicle application environment, the traditional ignition coils will no longer be able to meet the requirements.BorgWarner launched EcoFlashR corona ignition systems, ignition energy corona ignition system available is 1000 times faster than traditional spark plugs, ignition system to produce high-frequency corona corona replace spark within the combustion chamber,Burned area may have more higher combustion efficiency can spark three-dimensional diffusion in the space, better access and dilute the mixture, with greater fire area, greatly reducing the combustion process within each combustion cycle change, combustion stability is improved.Experimental results show that the corona ignition system is suitable for the more than 50Bar engine cylinder pressure.

    BorgWarner E-coFlashR continent corona ignition manifold injection developed tenth generation technology in recent years, worldwide use direct injection gasoline engine technology in the market showed an upward trend, but with manifold fuel injection technology the engine is still the main type of internal combustion engine.   Recently, Continental announced that, in order to adapt to the needs of lightweight, cost and performance, the tenth generation Continental manifold injection technology under development.

    Represent the mainland, continue to optimize the manifold injection technology has been the focus of its work, from 2004 to 2014 decade, the seventh generation of Continental manifold injection technology products accumulated sales of over 200 million.With fuel economy and emissions regulations increasingly stringent requirements, coupled with the engine weight and size of the development trend, Continental is developing a tenth generation manifold injection technology.

    Modular, with tailor-made engine will become the future development trend manifold injection technology.Continental believes the manifold injection technology still have the advantage, which is the reason to continue to develop such products.And on the next manifold injection products, the size of the injector design will be more flexible, so that the injector size and geometry of the intake manifold of the match.In addition, precise control of the fuel injection quantity contribute to cleaner combustion and emission targets. Fuel injection average droplet diameter is only 60 micrometers, this accuracy can be achieved quickly and clean combustion process and minimizes the raw emissions.

    Modular, with tailor-made engine will become the future development trend manifold injection technology.Continental believes the manifold injection technology still have the advantage, which is the reason to continue to develop such products.And on the next manifold injection products, the size of the injector design will be more flexible, so that the injector size and geometry of the intake manifold of the match.In addition, precise control of the fuel injection quantity contribute to cleaner combustion and emission targets. Fuel injection average droplet diameter is only 60 micrometers, this accuracy can be achieved quickly and clean combustion process and minimizes the raw emissions.

    Continental Group manufactures injectors TRW integrated active safety active safety technology has been committed to active safety systems TRW brings a series of active safety technology at the CES show, including traffic congestion auxiliary, automatic highway driving, emergency steering assist and pedestrians protection, and these features are supported by cameras and radar sensor.

    S-Cam 3 cameras with ACC function at high speed with the increased number of monitoring functions, S-Cam4 camera includes a three-lens camera,With a telephoto lens and fisheye head are enhanced long-distance and long-distance monitoring function, mainly used in the auxiliary systems and highway traffic jams autopilot system.SDE (SafetyDomainECU, security domains ECU) is based TRW AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) out of the open source system development, integration of the vehicle chassis, suspension and ADAS control functions, in this year's CES show is the second generation products, according to Trina said, will play a role in the semi-automatic driving and V2V communications.

    TRW Automotive integrated active safety systems Infineon push miniaturization intelligent motor control system at the end of last year at the Electronica trade show, Infineon embedded power series based ARMR bridge driver kernel to respond to intelligent motor control in a wide range of automotive applications in the growing trend.

    Infineon use ARMRCortexTM-M3 processor to high-performance micro-controller integrated onto a single chip, embedded Power Series is generally associated with a 16-bit application space to achieve 32-bit performance.Samples currently offers embedded power series first products are applicable to the use of the three-phase brushless DC motors and a two-phase DC motor products.

    Miniaturization become the future development trend of intelligent motor control system.This time, Infineon control system provides the standard size 7mm × 7mm QFN package. Previous multi-chip design requires a separate micro-controller, bridge drivers, and local interconnect network transceiver,The latest motor control design requires only a minimum of external components, make parts enterprises and automobile companies benefit.The new embedded power products will reduce the number of components from more than 150 now to about 30 or less, in just 3cm2 of PCB space that integrates all functions and associated external components for motor control.Therefore, the embedded power series of the electronic integrated motor closer to the real mechatronic design.

    Infineon side said, intelligent motor control applications that require a wide variety of subject of energy efficiency, reduce system cost and complexity of motor control scheme Charming demand impacts,By using ARM RCortexTM-M3 processor, with intelligent motor control new automotive-grade quality embedded power series to solve these design challenges.Scalable Embedded Power family helps automotive system suppliers to benefit from lower system cost, higher reliability and lower system complexity.Infineon Embedded Power family of chips interconnected Panasonic Automotive vehicle propulsion systems interconnected in the annual CES show, new car-related products, a large proportion of new technology,This includes automotive interconnect systems, unmanned other areas, it was dubbed the CES show like "Las Vegas show." At this year's CES show, Matsushita Ford, Tesla and other automobile companies to provide a new vehicle interconnected systems.At present, some car models equipped with the interconnected systems is difficult for consumers interested in using complicated operation, unresponsive these problems also limit the promotion of car interconnected systems.At this year's CES show, Matsushita to build a new Ford Sync 3.0 system is expected to have improved, regardless of the operating system or user interface has been greatly improved.

    In addition, to strengthen the voice control system is essential for the purposes of vehicle interconnected system. Sync3.0 optimized for voice control, try to avoid the driver when the operating system is cloned, after connecting the iPhone, Sync3 can do seamless Apple Siri assistant, the driver only needs to press the talk button can dialogue with Siri achieve more convenient voice control.Panasonic provides interconnect systems Sync3.0 car parts for Ford manufacturing 3D printing is no longer a "legend" Today, 3D printing technology has been the dream into reality.At this year's North American Auto Show, the world's first 3D printing made available by the car.

    The US company called Local Motors auto show in North America they use 3D printing technology to produce cars, but this car called Strati of 3D printing when the car is currently required 44 hours to complete the production and assembly.It is understood, LocalMotors company plans to achieve 3D printed car factory manufacturing in the third quarter, when production is expected to shorten the time to 24 hours.3D printed car in car chassis, interior, exterior body panels to achieve a 3D print production, mainly in ABS plastic material reinforced with carbon fiber as the base material.

    Currently, some domestic parts enterprises already have 3D printing technology and equipment, currently in development engineering prototypes and test when the product will use 3D printing technology.But not expand the use of 3D printing scope is limited mainly due to more expensive raw material cost 3D printing.It is foreseeable that with the continuous development of science and technology, raw material costs are expected to make 3D printing in the automotive industry, there are more areas of application components.

  • Material is the basis of automotive products,hina's auto industry in key materials research and development, performance evaluation, advanced processing technology, infrastructure support and other aspects of data with the international advanced level there is a big gap,Seriously restricting the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry and the automotive power forward pace. How rational use of automotive materials, automotive materials technology development how?These are placed in front of the actual projects of various types of auto workers.

    May 12, sponsored by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the Automobile Center), the Automobile Center Data Resource Center contractor,The European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the International Iron and Steel Institute, the International Chemical Manufacturers Association, Japan Auto Parts Industries Association and supported by "2015 (Fourth) International Symposium on vehicle materials technology" held in Beijing.The meeting of "materials technology innovation" as its theme, focusing macroeconomic policy trends, key aspects of materials technology, automotive interior air quality and hazardous substances carried out in-depth discussion and exchanges.

    Strict environmental clearance is the only way for the sustainable development of car prices

    In the new normal economy, the auto industry how to get out of a green healthy road cycling?Deputy Director from the Ministry of Energy and Resources Utilization Division of Workers   Bi Junsheng at the meeting that,Sustainable development of China's auto industry severely restrict environmental pollution, energy shortages, traffic congestion and other factors,In the automotive industry, green low-carbon development cycle Ministry carried out work includes actively promote eco-design, to carry toxic and hazardous materials substitution process to strengthen pollution control, and vigorously promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles, strengthen passenger car fuel consumption management and other aspects of .Among them, in strengthening the process of pollution control, regularly organized by the Ministry issued the "green auto industry development report"The use of hazardous substances released cars recyclable utilization and other information, automobile manufacturers for system construction, green supply chain management to summarize the assessment,To promote the automobile industry production, consumption patterns shift to a green low-carbon energy security, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises related products.

    Build a green supply chain, accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly guide procurement, production, marketing, recycling and logistics system,Is currently the automotive industry and many auto-related companies are actively promoting the work.Zhang Jianwei, deputy director of the Automobile Center, said automotive products is a complicated systematic project, including a wide range of different properties of hundreds of materials, a lot of the core technology breakthrough car, causes the material.He noted that in recent years, about the car of hazardous substances, air quality inside the car's fuel consumption, emissions and product eco-design and other aspects of policies and regulations promulgated to implement the standard,How auto focus from a height, in the product design, production process fully implement the concept of environmental protection, strict environmental quality, has become a business to meet the national regulatory requirements, social responsibility, the only way to achieve sustainable development.

    Automotive lightweight is an important direction

    Lift the automotive materials technology, always the lightweight.Senior Associate of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) JohnGerman believes that the next generation of automotive technology, mainly in transmission direction,One very important part of that comes from the weight loss, which is lightweight, material aspects of product design and factors that will be half and half.For example, you can reduce the use of the power system and reduce costs. Especially for the use of new energy technologies, because if you reduce the weight of the battery pack can also reduce a lot of costs.In addition, simulation mode, manufacturers can optimize the material, shape, such as a car in other sizes and materials, but also can be secondary weight loss.

    JohnGerman introduced, according to US standards, predicted that by 2025 the car has a 7% weight loss.The latest example is a 2015 Ford F150 progress of weight on this nation's largest-selling models currently, 95% of the body is made of aluminum, 77% of high-strength steel frame is HSS,While achieving a reduction in the engine. Director (hereinafter referred to as automotive lightweight Union) Committee of Experts on automotive lightweight technology innovation strategic alliance Chen Yilong noted,Automotive lightweight is not simply equal to the use of lightweight materials, it is not simply a technical issue, China as a car producing countries, automotive lightweight material technology and knowledge must be managed from two perspectives.He talked about that, at the end of 2007, when the newly established automotive lightweight Union, China's passenger car business is not the lightweight design as a part of, then the level of domestic car lighter seriously lagging behind in development in the world.

    "Automotive lightweight not simply weight loss, but to meet the functional requirements of the product and the product under controlled conditions to achieve weight loss products."Chen Yilong stressed that lightweight vehicles three technologies - design, materials, technology, three aspects of technology to integrate applications."Timber principle for lightweight vehicles, not who to say who is the best and lightest materials, the automotive sector there should be no such concept."The current international general two words are:" the right material in the right place, with the right technology in the right place. "

    From 2159 to the existing automotive lightweight Union sedan with 777 SUV, light weight coefficient analysis we can see, China's passenger car weight loss should be more than 15%,that is to say to the entire passenger cars by 2020It should reduce the average curb weight of more than 15%.

    JohnGerman has a similar view, he believes that all car manufacturers in weight loss measures to achieve compliance by quality, while achieving fuel efficiency and long-term development goals,For different manufacturers adopt different strategies, for high-strength steel, aluminum, plastics, fiber and manganese, are very much the use of materials, and eventually they will find their place in the next technological revolution among.

    The underlying database

    Let harmful substances into control

    In this seminar, in addition to lightweight technology, a variety of other key automotive materials technology, automotive harmful substances, such topics as air quality inside the meeting also had a full exchange and discussion.Even this relatively particularity retardant material material will have a significant impact on the automotive manufacture and use. Director of China Society of flame retardant,China Fire Protection Association Professional Committee of electrical fire Du Haiying introduction,Car fire statistics from the United States occurred in 2012 can be seen, the car fires accounted for 13% of all fire deaths of 300 people, injured 800 persons, property damage reached $ 110 million, an average of less than three minutes in a car fire .

    A Statistics show that plastics used inside a car can reach 105 kilograms, accounting for 9.3% of all the material, close to 10%, and this proportion is rising.There are three main types of polymer --PP (polypropylene), PU (polyurethane) and PS (polyvinyl chloride), which in all material inside the material with the most, accounting for 66%.Du Haiying analysis, fire vehicles continues to rise, there is a very important reason for this - the current application of plastic materials for automobile great deal of risk.DU Hai Ying pointed out that after extensive use of flammable plastic material, in order to meet fire safety standards must be flame retardant, the effect of flame-retardant materials used in some fire into the car and aviation has played a huge role.

    For automotive production and use of the whole life cycle of hazardous substances problem, stripped of harmful substances is proposed based on the center green supply chain management solutions.Steam Centre believes that the main responsibility as the management of automobile production enterprises should attach great importance to long-term planning efforts to strengthen controls in the following areas:One is to build a sound management system to ensure ongoing compliance. Hazardous substances and recoverability rate management system, a clear job content and work processes of the responsible departments,In product planning, design, development, procurement, production, sale of the entire process management and control of hazardous substances added requirements, improve the monitoring and measurement measures to promote the continuous improvement of the management system, to ensure products consistently meet regulatory requirements.Second, the use of industry information platform, collecting data component material. Many auto parts materials and different target markets may have different limits for hazardous substances,   If all were harmful substances, expensive, huge workload, but on the whole industry supply chain, relying on industry information systems data collection materials vehicle parts,Can effectively achieve comprehensive, accurate and timely tracking and analysis of vehicle usage with international practices harmful substances and carry recoverability rate calculation, and reduce the burden on enterprises and meets.

    Third, to fulfill the responsibility system and extend release "vehicle dismantling Guidebook."

    The fourth is to strengthen the close cooperation of the whole industry chain, and improve industry as a whole "green" level.Automobile production enterprises should strengthen cooperation with suppliers, and promote the development of recycling and environmental protection and new materials better, to strengthen the alternative materials and technology to promote the application of recycled materials;Meanwhile, the establishment of close cooperation between the dismantling and recycling companies, recycling companies, Carried out jointly with the recyclable material vehicle determination, recycling technology, green dismantling technology, expanding the field of renewable recycled materials, improve the quality of recycled products, the formation of new green competitive advantages, and promote the whole industry chain of green car development .

    Zhang Jianwei also said steam in the center of the automobile industry in promoting green and sustainable development has been done quite a lot of basic work,Including the implementation of and promote the management of hazardous substances cars, passenger cars accounted for using the average fuel consumption, automotive products and other eco-design projects commissioned by the government;Steam Centre organized auto industry-related companies set up a car with material working group of automotive hazardous materials management and common technology research alternative materials,Development and operation of Chinese automobile material data system CAMDS, China Green car dismantling systems CAGDS, automotive and other industries basic materials database AMASS underlying database, intended to assist China's automotive industry with total solutions with high efficiency and hazardous substances control, so as to enhance China's automobile level of environmental protection products.

  • The increasingly intense competition in the automotive market today,Competition in the automotive parts business has reached an unprecedented intensity,In order to better meet the needs of market development,In recent years,Auto parts companies continue to be based on market trends,Their own development strategies and policy-oriented investment and development direction of adjustment,And to increase investment in research、Enhance research and development capabilities.

    Overall investment in new energy, automotive electronics and after-market-oriented

    In recent years, due to the increasingly serious environmental problems,New energy vehicles has been pushed to the cusp,Not just the Chinese,World regard the development of new energy vehicles as an important task,   Although the development of new energy vehicles is not to scale, but it must be the future trend of automobile development,As OEM supplier of auto parts enterprises must seize the trend of market development,Development of the market ahead of the layout can always dominant,So under the new energy development trend, many strong parts enterprises have started to increase investment in new energy automotive sector,And as a new energy vehicles closer relationship with the automotive electronics under the influence of the Internet has also become a major focus of thinking parts manufacturers to lose ground;In addition, with the rise of the automobile market,Parts companies bear behind, trying to earn a head start in this big cake to share on,We have increased investment in the automotive after market.

    Investment in new energy auto parts representative include:   Integrated into the flight (67.85, 6.17,10.00%) developed new lithium battery products,   It intends to develop electric vehicle power systems and lithium super capacitor system;   Ocean Motor (9.58, 0.00,0.00%) to establish R & D center and new energy powertrain base,Accelerate the layout of the new energy vehicle powertrain market;   Steyr identification of new energy is one of the strategic direction, capital increase 153 million new energy lithium battery materials into new energy automotive components.

    In the investment field of automotive electronics has typically include:All-electronic (50.40, 4.58,10.00%) will be set, "the three strategic product direction" (HMI, new energy vehicles and industrial robots (103.840, 5.98,6.11%)),Layout intelligent vehicles driving age interaction and interconnection;Qiming Information(25.43, -0.52,-2.00%) Were the focus of the development goals established automotive information, low-carbon, intelligent research and services in three areas;Cloud Italian Electric (34.000, 3.09,

    10.00 percent) increase the intelligent vehicle control systems product development efforts and expand high-power commercial vehicle supporting the market and foreign OE markets.

    Investment in the field of automotive after-market representative include:   Lungi machinery (36.77, -1.79, -4.64%) stake in Shanghai car easy, by the platform to sell products, open up the market after users, and attempt to enter the automotive repair services;Solid Gold shares (49.04, 2.14,4.56%) consists of 020 direct chain to an independent third party service models to expand after-market, auto market after the establishment of integrated service platform;   German Allianz Group (36.45, -1.04, -2.77%) to establish a "de-linked car care" brand, dealer development and implementation of Executive management and other outlets, and actively layout after market.

    R & D investment in innovative products and project-based

    2014 National 83 listed auto parts company's total R & D investment totaled 12.862 billion yuan,R & D investment accounted for operating income ratio of the average of the year was 3.88%.At the same time the report shows that R & D investment mainly invested in line with market trends, innovative products and new projects,Domestic and international new market development, the introduction of new technology and new technology research and proprietary intellectual property protection and other aspects.

    In innovative products and projects, particularly prominent is the new energy-saving respected and promote the localization of advanced technology.In the turbocharger market, for example, the huge market demand triggered fierce competition in domestic and foreign parts enterprises.Representative enterprises in Hunan day goose, its R & D spending in 2014 totaled 40.36 million yuan, accounting for 6.98% of revenue,   Mainly used in high-powered turbocharger, variable geometry turbocharger, two-stage turbocharger, gasoline engine turbochargers development and performance matching test.   In addition, in promoting the localization of advanced technology, Steyr performance was very obvious, its R & D spending last year, the proportion of total revenue reached 18.45 percent,Far ahead of other companies. And that 137 million yuan of R & D spending is to accelerate the localization process of a diesel engine.

    In addition to these two points, the parts business R & D investment is also more emphasis on international market development of new products and intellectual property protection.This is mainly due to growth in parts export business, it is also increasing R & D investment for overseas customers.West pump shares (48.90, 0.40, 0.82%), for example, its R & D spending last year, the fastest growth rate, growth of 31.05% compared to 2013, reaching 90.06 million yuan,A large part of investment is for the international market demand.It is understood that the West pump shares annual total of 116 kinds of new products, including 66 kinds of water pumps, exhaust manifold 50 species on average three days to develop a new product, the development of significantly faster.And in the protection of intellectual property into more typical case undoubtedly intended Electric Cloud. Last year, the cloud meaning electrical research and development costs 29.42 million yuan, accounting for revenue ratio reached 6.83%, compared with 2013 improved 1.32 percentage points.Cloud Italian electrical based on independent research and innovation, access to 21 patents and nine high-tech product certification annual total for the enterprise to provide technical support for the development of sustainable and efficient.

    Not difficult to see from the above, the pace of China's auto parts business closely follow the market development,Whether it is the intention to invest in R & D or seek to grasp the pulse of the times are the inputs to the trend-oriented, to look at the future.